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About five years ago Herb Emery and I published a research paper on the decline of Canadian economics.  The paper analyzed the journal publications of academic economists at Canadian universities and found that explicit analysis or recognition of Canadian issues was in decline, especially for those hired since 1990.  As the incentives to conduct theoretical […]

Written by: Wayne Simpson

The federal government gives up about $30 billion in revenue through tax-based spending programs. This cost is split approximately one-third for measures promoting economic development and two-thirds for measures with a social objective. A tough but fair review of these measures could easily come up with about $6 billion in savings. As discussed in last […]

Written by: John Lester

The federal government is in the midst of reviewing tax expenditures, assessing them against their fairness, efficiency and cost. It is a daunting task: The federal government identifies about 250 measures as tax expenditures, expected to cost about $140 billion in 2017. The task can be greatly simplified, however, by putting tax expenditures into three […]

Written by: John Lester

The executive order by President Trump to pull the U.S out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) marks the beginning of higher prices for dairy products in Canada. Canadian negotiators spent more than seven years and millions of dollars to be part of the agreement. TPP presented a glimmer of hope for reforming the Canadian dairy […]

Written by: Ven Venkatachalam