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  Last week, Alberta’s auditor General released a report with a simple, but bold and much needed message.  That the Government of Alberta needs to inform Albertans about the province’s fiscal situation over a longer time horizon than the three years that are normally projected in the Provincial Budget.  The previous and current governments’ fiscal […]

Written by: Bev Dahlby

On March 8, 2018 Alberta’s premier opened the current session of the legislature with a Speech from the Throne.  One of the promises made was to diversify the electricity sector creating new jobs and protecting people from “wild electricity price swings”.  The current session of the legislature also looks likely to introduce the groundwork for […]

Written by: Matthew Ayres

On February 8, 2018, the Government of Canada announced major changes to the assessment of energy projects subject to federal oversight. This blog post provides the highlights of the most important changes, and what they mean for the regulatory process overall. Before getting into the details, it is useful to review the broad features of […]

Written by: Jennifer Winter

Each year, in mid-December, the federal government releases its calculation for what each province is entitled to receive as equalization. This time, the numbers are especially important. They show how much Alberta’s recession lowered its ability to raise revenues. They show Ontario has graduated to “have” status, but (interestingly) will still receive equalization payments. They […]

Written by: Trevor Tombe

Back in May 2017 I wrote a blog post providing estimates of potential carbon tax costs to households for different levels of the carbon tax (this was based on a briefing note I produced at the request of the Senate). These numbers have been used and quoted by others, most recently in a National Post […]

Written by: Jennifer Winter