Trade Experts Roundtable: The New Security Dimension of Global Commerce

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9:30 a.m- 4:30 p.m.
Ottawa, ON

Successive Canadian governments have encouraged entrepreneurs and firms to expand their markets for goods and services, but some areas around the globe are highly unstable. Countries and firms compete aggressively and exporters may not face a ‘level playing field’ when attempting to secure customers and markets abroad: Espionage, cyber-security and corrupt legal systems are threats just as much as pirates, terrorists or rebel groups that target foreign facilities or businesspersons.

This symposium, held in partnership with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, will examine issues confronting exporters and policymakers operating at the nexus of trade, commerce and security. We will introduce the “trade-security nexus” by focusing on three issue-areas: What lies at the center of today’s global security threats and Canada’s emerging trade policy; cyber-security and related threats to e-commerce as well as intellectual property; the role of the Canadian government in supporting commerce in a risky world, but at the same time what responsibilities firms have in ‘de-risking’ their operations and processes.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • John Adams, former Chief of the Communications Security Establishment
  • Perrin Beatty, Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • Richard Fadden, former National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada
  • Philip W.L. Fong, Canada Research Chair in Software Security (University of Calgary)
  • George Haynal, Munk School of Global Affairs
  • Paul Nelson, former V.P. of Global Security at Nexen
  • Michael Peirce, Canadian Security Intelligence Service
  • Luc Portelance, former President of the Canadian Border Services Agency
  • Jean-Sébastien Rioux, The School of Public Policy
  • Elinor Sloan, Carleton University


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