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One of the central issues under debate around our government’s tightened rule over foreign SOEs is whether we should differentiate SOEs from non-SOEs. Some of those who disagree with such a differentiation have gone further to praise how China’s SOEs “operate according to conventional business principles.” (Hugh Stephens, Welcoming Chinese SOE Investment Cautiously into Canada, […]

Written by: Duanjie Chen

Chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, with four out of five Canadians over the age of 20 at risk. There is evidence suggesting that vitamin D insufficiency could be contributing to the huge economic burden associated with chronic disease. A causal link has been established between vitamin D insufficiency and […]

Earlier today as I write this – November 27, 2013 – International Trade Minister Ed Fast announced a new Canadian Global Markets Access Plan during a speech before the Economic Club. Minister Fast announced that the government will “concentrate its efforts on markets that hold the greatest promise for Canadian business—and focus on core commercial […]

“Foreign takeover limits are scaring away investors!” Headlines like this one flooded in after a speech given by Mr. Jim Prentice, the CIBC vice chair and former federal Industry Minister, in early October. In that speech, Mr. Prentice particularly singled out the government’s decision to limit investment by state-owned enterprises in the oil sands following […]

Earlier this month, the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice sounded yet another warning about "access to justice” – how high costs and complexity are shutting most Canadians out of the justice system.  Their report followed on the heels of August’s annual meeting of the Canadian Bar Association, organized around the issue of access to justice, […]