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Recently, there has been an abundance of media coverage and sound bites in Canada regarding income inequality, a skills shortage, an apparent lack of savings, and Canada’s place in the increasingly competitive world. One lever to ease these worries is to ensure the Canadian work force has the right education and skills to compete and, […]

I worked closely with Jim Flaherty in the early days of the Harper government.  We didn’t have a lot of people around with experience in governing.  Of course, Jim had been Finance Minister in Ontario, and he understood how tough the issues were.  He was the natural choice to manage finance in those early years.  […]

Premier Alison Redford just resigned under extreme pressure from her caucus and the PC party organization. More is involved than just lack of political skill. After 43 years without creative alternation of government, Alberta has developed layer upon layer of hard-to-defend perks for people in government and the senior civil service. Why does Alberta need […]

In 1969, Ontario was the engine that drove the Canadian economy.  It had the highest level of average income, it was a mainstay in the club of “have” provinces, and its unemployment rate was well-below the Canadian average.  Things have changed.  In the four decades since 1969, the Canadian economy has undergone significant changes along […]

What do we know about the Ukraine? It is about the size of Saskatchewan with a population of 46 million; about 25% more than Canada’s. It is bordered by Russia on the north and east with Crimea and the Black Sea to the south. The eastern Crimea port city of Kerch has a 25 minute/4km […]