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On March 29, 2012, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will announce the federal budget in the House of Commons. Over the past few months, a number of cabinet ministers have hinted at deep cuts. The buildup to this year’s budget draws comparisons to that of Paul Martin’s 1995 budget, designed to tackle the federal deficit. The […]

Well, the incessant debate is back: shall we dump the Queen or shall we keep her? The Young Liberals of Canada pushed the issue in an attempt to have it addressed at the Liberal Party’s national convention. We live in a constitutional monarchy. True. Elizabeth II and her children have been a welcome source of […]

Having just returned from long trips to Israel and Australia this past month, it was fitting that last week I was asked to deliver a talk at the “Big Thinking Lecture” in Ottawa on the state of the global economy and where Canada stands in the grand scheme of things. As I said then, in […]