Calculating Risk and Its Influence on Public Policy

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The School of Public Policy
University of Calgary, Downtown Campus
906 8th Avenue S.W., 5th floor
Calgary, Alberta


Please note: this event is sold out.

What is the probability that Calgary will experience the same kind of flooding that it did in 2013? What are the potential impacts of a pipeline leaking into a local river – economic, environmental or other? Policy makers and regulators have numerous risks to weigh when making decisions. But what is risk, and when does it outweigh benefit? Common definitions and evaluation methods are hard to come by.

The School of Public Policy is hosting a symposium devoted to the nature of risk in policy and regulatory decision-making. Special attention will be paid to defining risks, identifying how various risks can be measured and to what extent they should affect decisions. Sessions will focus on specific examples of where risk and policy intersect, such as energy systems.

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