The Canada-US Relationship in a G-Zero World

Hotel Arts

Calgary, AB

Over the past two decades there has been a significant shift in global power dynamics. The world has witnessed the economic transformation of Asia, the emergence of other globally significant players such as Brazil and the relative economic decline of the European Union. Within this evolving landscape, America has become increasingly distracted, war weary, and, some would say, no longer willing to provide global leadership. This matters a great deal to Canada. Although Canada’s trade relationships are slowly diversifying beyond its southern neighbour, Canada’s relationship with the United States will always be an enormously important fact of international policy from a Canadian perspective.

Ian Bremmer, author and President of the Eurasia Group, will set the stage for the morning’s discussions on the state of affairs in Canada-U.S. relations. If the world is indeed lacking predictable and steady U.S. leadership, what does this mean for Canada? In the short-term, what do the next 2 years of Obama administration suggest for Canada-U.S. relations? In the medium term, what might we expect in the next decade in terms of U.S. leadership?  What are some of the challenges and opportunities this presents for Canada? Following Ian Bremmer’s keynote, the symposium continues with two panels featuring distinguished Canadian and American experts, adding their unique perspectives and insights into Canada-U.S. affairs.