Military Procurement for a Purpose: Refreshing Canada’s Defence Strategy

The Westin Ottawa
Governor General Ballroom I/II
11 Colonel By Drive | Ottawa, ON

Military procurement is a very complex business; understood in detail by few, scrutinized and criticized by many. As the world remains a dangerous and unstable place, Canada’s overall security is tied to our ability to project power if and when needed and that means a well-equipped and modern military. But recent high-profile setbacks in military procurement threaten Canada’s ability to get the new kit needed to make our military strong, and responsive. Moreover, the election of a new Liberal government likely means that Canadian foreign and defence policies will be reviewed, as well as current capital projects, to realign defence policy with a new tone and substance in foreign policy. The School of Public Policy and the Canadian Global Affairs Institute explored best, and worst, practices in military procurement, bringing experts together to find real, practical workable solutions to the procurement problem.

• The opportunity to refresh Canada’s defence policy
• Updating Canada’s defence policy: Where do we go from here?
• How should a new defence policy tie into Canada’s manufacturing base?

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