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  Retired Navy Admiral Richard Truly is a rare breed.  Truly has been a test pilot, engineer, administrator and astronaut for NASA.  As one of the first Shuttle Commanders, he expanded the frontiers of space flight, then helped rebuild NASA after the Challenger disaster.  Please join Jack Mintz at a breakfast event featuring Admiral Truly […]

  The Honourable Ted Morton, Minister of Energy, Government of Alberta No other industry is as important to Canada or under as much scrutiny as Alberta’s energy sector. Jack Mintz and The School of Public Policy are pleased to invite you to join Ted Morton, Alberta’s Minister of Energy, as he proposes a national strategy […]

  Jack Mintz and The School of Public Policy are pleased to invite you to the “must-attend” political event of the year as we welcome Lawrence (Larry) H. Summers, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and Director of President Obama’s National Economic Council. Summers will provide an in-depth, timely and critical update on the fiscal future […]

  Dr. Larry Summers, President Emeritus and Charles W. Eliot Professor of Harvard University, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and former Director of the National Economic Council for the Obama Administration Topic: Does Keynesian Stimulus Work During a Global Financial Crisis?   With several of the world’s largest economies fraught with debt or low growth, government action plans and rescue packages […]

  Dr. Chris Eagle, President and CEO of Alberta Health Services The School of Public  Policy and the Master of Public Policy Speaker Series is pleased to welcome Dr. Chris Eagle, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alberta Health Services, the provincial health authority responsible for planning and delivering health supports and services for more […]

  The School of Public Policy and The Van Horne Institute, in Partnership with Encana, present The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Surface, rail and air transport are the lifeblood of a modern economy – especially one that is based on the movement of goods and raw resources. Canada’s vast distances […]

  Michael Adams, Founding President of Environics Research Group The School of Public Policy and the Master of Public Policy Speaker Series is pleased to welcome Michael Adams, a noted commentator on social values and social change in North America, for a presentation entitled “The New Focus Canada”. Mr. Adams will discuss the 2010 Focus Canada […]

Chuck Strahl, former Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure. Please join the highly respected Hon. Chuck Strahl as he raises the curtain on the politics that drives policy. In an address called Policy, Pragmatism and Politics, Strahl will discuss agriculture policy (including recent controversy surrounding the […]

2nd Symposium in Taxation and Economic Growth The School of Public Policy, in association with The Canadian Tax Foundation, is pleased to present a symposium titled The GST at 20: The Future of Consumption Taxes in Canada. The event will feature an opening dinner titled GST & HST: When Policy and Politics Collide, where a […]

Dr. Ken McKenzie & Dr. Jack Mintz Some politicians and commentators have made great hay vilifying “subsidies” to “big oil” and making the case that profitable companies should not receive public subsidies. This line of argument makes sense on its face – assuming oil and gas producers in Canada really get subsidies. In a groundbreaking […]

Melissa Jones, Chief Deputy Director, California Energy Commission As the 8th largest economy on earth and with 34 million people, California has a major impact on global economic and political activity. Likewise, California’s climate policy could have a significant impact beyond its borders, especially with close neighbours and trading partners like Canada. To understand the […]

  The School of Public Policy welcomes Lawrence Herman, one of Canada’s most experienced authors, lawyers and speakers on international trade and investment. Mr. Herman will review current rules around foreign takeovers of Canadian firms; why costly decisions, like the rejection of a takeover bid of Potash Corporation, seem to be made in a black-box […]