SOLD OUT: The Future of Energy Regulation and Policy Development: Conflict, Compromise or Cooperation?

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8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Hotel Le Germain
North and South Twin Room
899 Centre Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta




Business and government are often at ends on energy regulation. The private sector cites lengthy review times and onerous mitigation costs, the financial sector sees risk in inconsistent process and regulation and policy makers point to the need to intervene to improve accountability pointing to their responsibility for protecting people and the environment. What sort of regulatory solutions are available to curb further tension between these groups?

The School of Public Policy will explore this question at a symposium devoted to the future of energy regulation. This full-day conference will feature expert panelists who will examine and debate a variety of issues, including:

-The changing roles and responsibilities of energy regulators, including overlap and conflict with local land-use decision-makers

-Hurdles and challenges for applicants, regulators and other stakeholders involved in energy projects

-How to ensure quality and performance in upgrading, maintaining and expanding the energy system to meet demand while mitigating environmental impacts

Confirmed panelists and speakers include:

Paula Conboy, Ontario Energy Board

-Alastair Lucas, Faculty of Law, University of Calgary

-Dan McFadyen, Energy Resources Conservation Board

-Dean Misczynski, Public Policy Institute of California

-Brian Woods, Woods Legal

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