The Critical Role of Oil Companies in Global Climate Action

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The Critical Role of Oil Companies in Global Climate Action

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The energy sector is the world’s largest producer of CO2 emissions, and is central to the global energy transition. Many of the multinational oil companies, the largest players in the energy sector, have announced plans to go low or even zero carbon. But, very few state-owned national oil companies (NOCs) have followed suit.

NOC’s wield enormous influence over their national economies and global supply chains, but their low-carbon actions have not kept pace with international climate agreements. Failing to reduce emissions will make it difficult for NOCs to attract investment and sell their products in a global market, not to mention slowing down action on greenhouse gas reduction.

Join The School of Public Policy and experts Leonardo Beltran and Juan Lozano to discuss the approach governments and NOCs should take in order maintain both their competitiveness and keep pace with global environmental trends.


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