Third Annual North American Process Symposium

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Phoenix, Arizona

In partnership with Arizona State University and Universidad Anáhuac México Norte.

Business leads the way in terms of a more integrated and efficient North America. North American business experience can provide guidance, best practices and lessons learned, working towards the development of better government policy. As part of a strong group of experts from the Canadian, Mexican and American business sector, academia and government, participants will address challenges and successes of North American business in a North American context. The symposium produced a final document for the consideration of the senior leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Plenary Sessions:
• Opportunities and Challenges of the North American Process
• The North American Energy Market
• Infrastructure for Competitiveness: Physical Infrastructure and Logistics

Working Groups:

  • Infrastructure and Competitiveness: Rail / Trucking
  • North American Energy: Oil & Gas / Utilities & Electricity