Jennifer Winter

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Jen Winter

Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Energy and Environment

Dr. Winter (PhD, Calgary) is an Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Energy and Environmental Policy Area at The School of Public Policy at theUniversity of Calgary. Her research is focused on the effects of government regulation and policy on the development of natural resources and energy, as well as the consequences and trade-offs of energy development.

Dr. Winter is one of The School’s most prolific authors. She has authored several School of Public Policy research papers, including three examining Canadian energy literacy, two on the safe transportation of crude oil and a paper on the idea of “green jobs.” Other projects she is currently working on include an analysis of Alberta’s emissions-reduction policies and the role of internal trade barriers in diminishing productivity.

Dr. Winter is actively engaged with increasing public understanding of energy and environmental issues and was recently recognized with a 2014 Young Women in Energy Award. Prior to joining The School of Public Policy, Dr. Winter worked at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, researching Canadian labour markets. She received her PhD in Economics from the University of Calgary. Dr. Winter also serves on the Future Leaders Board of Directors of the World Petroleum Council (Canada).


  1. Government regulation and policy on natural resources and energy development
  2. Analysis of Alberta’s emissions reduction policies
  3. Role of internal trade barriers in diminishing productivity