Energy for Life

The goal of the Energy for Life Program at the School of Public Policy is to lead and inform policy discussions of the relationship between energy, the environment, the economy and social well-being in Canada. At the heart of this program is recognizing the interconnectedness and the need for balance between energy, environmental and socioeconomic goals.

The Energy for Life Program develops evidence-based policy options by engaging in research and outreach. A core component of the program’s output is influential and widely disseminated research papers.

In a quickly evolving policy landscape, the Energy for Life Program is committed to providing ongoing analysis and critiques of new and current energy and environmental policies. In addition to this responsive and timely output, the program also undertakes strategic long-term research on the evolution of Canada’s energy sector. Recommendations for future policy are an important component of both research streams.

Our expert team is active in both the academic and policy space, leading to program outputs that translate leading academic research into practical and actionable policy solutions. The program draws on academics, policy professionals, and leaders in the corporate and government sectors to identify critical policy questions and effective answers.

For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Jennifer Winter, PhD, Assistant Professor and Scientific Director