Market Diversification

In order to help Canada manage and enhance relationships with countries from the world’s fastest growing regions, The School of Public Policy has created the Market Diversification program.

The Market Diversification program uses a practical, global and focused approach to offer evidence-based and outcome driven analysis to a diverse range of stakeholders. The program presents the opportunity to build upon and create new relationships with policymakers, members of the academic community and industry in North America and internationally. Connecting a broad range of stakeholders and translating research knowledge through proven methods of dissemination will support the effective development of market diversification policy and deepen our understanding of global trade and investment.

The program is actively building a research agenda that considers Canadian trade and investment aspirations within the broader strategic framework of international diplomatic and security challenges. Although examining market opportunities throughout Asia is an important focus for the program, research and symposia also consider issues such as unlocking North American global competitiveness, and the implications of Canada’s free trade agreement with Europe.