The Extractive Resource Governance Program (ERGP)  provides a platform to harness Canadian and international research and technical expertise to assist resource-rich jurisdictions in developing fit-for-purpose fiscal and regulatory governance frameworks to responsibly unlock and manage endowments of hydrocarbon and mineral resources.


The vision of the ERGP is to contribute to better policy outcomes through applied, evidence-based research and analysis in extractive resource governance, be a trusted resource for policymakers and regulators on best policy and practice in extractive resource governance as well as assist with responsible management of hydrocarbon and mining resources. We work with partner jurisdictions to deliver quality, customized and fit-for-purpose programming that is offered in multiple ways.


  • Global, Practical, Focused
  • Grounded in evidence-based international best practices
  • Best practices and principles support sustainable resource development; public interest and transparency
  • Responsive, flexible and adaptable to partner needs and interests
  • Fit for purpose
  • Complemented by expert knowledge and academic research from Canada and around the world


Our multi-day, customized workshops provide expert policy, regulatory, and technical advice. Based on best practices, our workshops involve multi-lateral stakeholders, focus on key areas of interest to each jurisdiction and can be hosted in-country including:

  • Regulation of oil and gas
  • Public engagement and community consultation
  • Fiscal governance of oil and gas
  • Local benefits
  • Social licence



Funding for the ERGP includes a combination of: operating funds from the University of Calgary; research grants from a variety of granting agencies and councils including the provincial and federal government; as well as funds from donors.

For further information on the way in which The School of Public Policy is funded, please see https://www.policyschool.ca/about/fundingfaq/



“Where in the World Are Canadian Oil and Gas Companies?” Project


The Extractive Resource Governance Program is a global network of expertise partnering with various jurisdictions to develop sound public policy around their extractive resource sectors. To get involved please contact the individuals listed below.

Deborah Archibald, Director, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Niloo Hojjati, Manager, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Ivana Skendrovic, Partnerships Officer, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Braeden Larson, Research Associate, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Michelle Monsell, Administrative Assistant, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Karina Spencer, ERGP Project Coordinator, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]