Natural resources bring great opportunities for citizens to enjoy economic growth and prosperity. To achieve this economic benefit in a manner that protects social and environmental values, it is important that governments have tools to build a system of legislation, regulation and policies, with the perspectives of its people – particularly those affected by development – clearly understood and appropriately considered.

Our Extractive Resource Governance Program (ERGP) provides the expertise to work with and educate international officials who are developing resource sectors. We offer training and capacity-building programs tailored to each country’s specific needs and timelines. And yes, we can come to you.


The ERGP is based in Calgary, Alberta – the centre of Canada’s mature energy sector. Alberta has one of the most advanced legislative, regulatory and policy systems resulting from decades of responsible and sustainable development. This allows us to bring together experts from different levels of government, industry and academia with real-life experience who know how to work with you and to deliver courses that are helpful and insightful.

Your success relies on fair fiscal governance through taxes and royalty systems, effective and efficient regulations, and proactive and transparent public engagement – all delivered in a predictable framework. We can help you get there with objective advice, based on Canadian and international best practices.


The SPP’s unique team of experienced regulators, highly respected economists and public policy experts brings the right combination of theory and practice to our capacity-building program in Mongolia

Debra Rasmussen, Canadian project director, Strengthening Extractive Sector Management in Mongolia (SESMIM), Agriteam



Our multi-day, customized workshops provide expert policy, regulatory, and technical advice. Based on best practices, our workshops involve multi-lateral stakeholders, focus on key areas of interest to each jurisdiction and can be hosted in-country including:


Funding for the ERGP includes a combination of: operating funds from the University of Calgary; research grants from a variety of granting agencies and councils including the provincial and federal government; as well as funds from donors.

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“Where in the World Are Canadian Oil and Gas Companies?” Project


The Extractive Resource Governance Program is a global network of expertise partnering with various jurisdictions to develop sound public policy around their extractive resource sectors. To get involved please contact the individuals listed below.

Deborah Archibald, Director, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Niloo Hojjati, Manager, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Ivana Skendrovic, Partnerships Officer, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Braeden Larson, Research Associate, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Michelle Monsell, Administrative Assistant, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]

Karina Spencer, ERGP Project Coordinator, Extractive Resource Governance Program at [email protected]