ERGP offers a wide range of training programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of our partners and clients. ERGP offers custom programs such as tailored workshops as well as its executive certificate program in Extractive Resource Governance. The certificate consists of three week-long modules in fiscal governance, regulatory governance, and community engagement.

Executive Certificate Program

The School of Public Policy offers a non-academic certificate for extractive resource policy and regulatory professionals. The course is anchored in best principles and practices and has flexibility to respond to emerging trends and issues in the extractive resource sector.

The Certificate Course has three core modules:

The Regulatory Module provides participants with an overview of a sound regulatory framework which allows resource development to occur in an orderly fashion while ensuring that the risks (or harms) to the public, workers and the environment are appropriately mitigated. In this 5-day intensive module, participants will explore how to assess risks, risk mitigation, regulation as risk mitigation, regulatory regimes, organizational design of regulatory institutions, and compliance and enforcement mechanisms.
The Fiscal Module provides participants with an overview of the policy issues and best practices in the collection, management and disbursement of resource revenues. This 5-day intensive module will include evaluations of tax and royalty systems, tax collection mechanisms, and resource revenue savings and investment strategies. Participants will be provided with a hands-on experience in evaluating resource taxation and royalty regimes. The participants will ideally have a degree or background in economics, business, or some other discipline that has exposed them to quantitative methods.
The Community Engagement Module provides participants with an overview of best principles and practices in improving stakeholder and community engagement, including strategies to building effective stakeholder and community relations for early, respectful and transparent engagement as an integral part of a strong regulatory approval system. This 4-day intensive module will explore key principles in effective community engagement, planning, and roles and responsibilities for governments and industry stakeholders. Participants will be provided with a hands-on experience of resolving conflicts and addressing concerns through case studies and group exercises, which consider differing geographic and social settings of various jurisdictions.