Term 3 Courses (Summer Term)

  1. PPOL 621 – Communicating Policy: This course examines all aspects of communication in the context of policy, including the impact of new modes of communication on the development and dissemination of public policy. The new role of blogs, on-line communities, and web-based media at marshalling and influencing public opinion and the changing role of print media are discussed and evaluated. Implications for copyright policies, media concentration, privacy, and advertising are among the issues examined.
  2. PPOL 623 – Capstone Project: In this course students learn methods by which research contributes to the design and development of policy outcomes. Students are required to apply the skills they have learned to the completion of a capstone project which investigates a well-defined issue of public policy. The final product of the capstone project is expected to be a substantive, well-researched, focused and highly professional document. Work on the capstone project will be guided by a School of Public Policy faculty member with input from individuals in the private sector, government and/or not-for-profit realm highly recommended.

Watch Nicole Williams, winner of the top 2016 MPP Capstone, briefly discuss the MPP program and her capstone research.