Probably very few people can enthuse about chronic wasting disease like Brian Bietz does. A biologist by training with a strong background in regulatory processes, Bietz is an executive fellow at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, where he focuses on environmental issues pertaining to Alberta’s oil and gas industry. What has that […]

The addition of GHG emissions to the Energy East Hearing List of Issues, and TransCanada’s response. Late last month, the NEB issued a letter outlining some changes to the List of Issues it would consider in its hearings on TransCanada Pipeline’s (TCPL) Energy East Application.[1] In response, TCPL has asked for[2] and been granted[3] a […]

Originally, hybrid cars were marketed primarily to environmentally-conscious consumers. Manufacturers and their marketing departments expected these consumers, who have a stated preference for reduced hydrocarbon emissions and increased environmental protection, to pay a premium for increased fuel economy and lower emissions. Increasingly, hybrid cars are being marketed to a wider consumer base citing increased fuel […]

Canada and the United States have generally been on the same side of history in confronting threats to our shared values and interests.   We have therefore often found common strategic purpose in developing oil and gas pipeline infrastructure.  In the 1940s, just weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the two governments agreed on […]

American opponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline are understandably concerned about global warming. They think that if they stop the pipeline, they will stop the oilsands, and thereby reduce the growth of CO2 emissions. Their intentions are good, but their reasoning is wrong. This oil can and will get to foreign markets, without going through […]

Everyone shares a demand for shelter, that safe place to hold back the elements, provide security and a buffer from life outside.  The character of that shelter reflects the culture we live in, the surrounding community and the environmental amenities that define the world around us.  It also defines the competition for better locations, those […]

It is perhaps surprising, maybe even shocking, that Dow Chemical and other petrochemical companies are calling for the denial of export licenses for liquefied natural gas (LNG) from North America to the high-priced Asian economies. This no different than the top-hatted monopsonist in the Industrial Age restricting competition so that they can force down input […]