I  Introduction The issues of curtailment, pipeline proposals, pipeline apportionment and curtailment are very topical.  In simplest terms, apportionment and curtailment are two sides of the same coin.  Apportionment is done by Enbridge and reduces shipments to match capacity. One specific issue is the proposal by Enbridge to change its’ Mainline from a common carrier […]

The $9.7 billion Sturgeon Refinery, owned by North West Redwater Partnership (NWRP), is now in the final stages of start-up. The Refinery has already been producing about 25,000 bpd of high quality diesel and 15,000 bpd of diluent from synthetic crude oil feedstocks for several months as work to complete the final heavy oil processing […]

In another round of consultations, the Trudeau Government released on June 29, 2017 a discussion paper on environmental and regulatory reviews, responding to a series of consultations held in recent months on the environmental assessment process and the National Energy Board.  Canadians have until August 28, 2017 to provide their feedback on the paper.  Like a great compilation […]