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The global economic lockdown implemented to contain the Covid-19 virus has caused the most severe economic downturn in Canada since the Great Depression in the 1930s. The cumulative output loss could easily amount to 15 percent of GDP by 2023 and could continue to grow for years thereafter. So far, the government policy response has, […]

Written by: John Lester

Global economies have been heavily impacted in the wake of Covid-19. The coronavirus has created dramatic negative impacts on global growth and trade. The government response to restrict large components of the economy to safeguard public health resulted in massive job loss, reduced tax revenues, diminished consumer confidence, and increased public debt. As a result, […]

Written by: Matthew Foss

These days the World Trade Organization (WTO) is facing many challenges. To say that it has fallen out of favour with the Trump Administration would be an understatement. The US is currently actively working to undermine the dispute settlement process of the WTO by blocking new appointments to the organization’s Appellate Body, on the grounds […]

Written by: Hugh Stephens

The USMCA finally came into effect a few days ago, on July 1, 2020, committing the US, Canada and Mexico to the treaty provisions the three countries agreed to in the 34 chapters, four Annexes and 16 side letters that comprise the text of the Agreement. Among its many provisions is Article 19.17 (in the […]

Written by: Hugh Stephens