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I recently appeared (July 26), with Dr. Laura Dawson, Director of the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center (and a member of the CGAI Advisory Council), before the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s Canadian Regional Conference in Ottawa to speak on Canada’s current trade situation. The CPA membership consists of federal, provincial and territorial legislators. Below are my consolidated remarks.   Constructive powers like […]

Written by: Colin Robertson

As noted in earlier work (, Canadian cities and metropolitan areas are coping with myriad challenges including infrastructure pressure, changing demographics and threats to a property-based fiscal structure from the “sharing economy” and global forces.  The newly elected Progressive Conservative government in Ontario led by Premier Doug Ford has just added significantly to these challenges. […]

Written by: Almos Tassonyi

In a guest post titled “Bioenergy ‘flaw’ under EU renewable target could raise emissions”,  Sir John Beddington, the UK government’s chief scientific adviser between 2008 and 2013, raised the alarm that allowing trees to be harvested for the purpose of energy production results in much higher emissions than the equivalent energy produced by burning of […]

Written by: Eddy Isaacs

Last week’s announcement of the federal government’s re-branded homelessness strategy (“Reaching Home”) is good news for those Canadians who experience homelessness and, I would argue, is good news for taxpayers as well. The focus of the government’s strategy is on housing those who make chronic use of homeless shelters. While the definition of what constitutes […]

Written by: Ronald Kneebone