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The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown Canada and China together in ways that could not have been imagined three months ago. While the final chapter has not yet been written, it is clear that COVID-19 will have an indelible impact on the way that Canadians view China, for better and for worse. Maybe China will get […]

Written by: Hugh Stephens

Last week’s provincial budget prioritized civil society as a critical partner to improve well-being for Albertans. A Premier’s Charities Council is being proposed “to advise government on how best to assist the efforts of civil society groups in helping to make Alberta a more compassionate society, preventing and reducing increased social problems.” But what exactly […]

Written by: Dr. Alina Turner

It’s not easy being green… There is a lot of excitement in Fredericton and on campus at UNB with the election of a Green Party Member of Parliament.  Voters in the riding have signaled that addressing the climate emergency is of high importance when you consider the combined Liberal and Green party vote shares.  That […]

Written by: Herb Emery

Last week, as most North American readers will know, the Super Bowl was played in Miami with the Kansas City Chiefs beating the San Francisco 49’ers in a tight, hard fought game to win the National Football League (NFL) championship. Great, but what, (you may ask,) does this have to do with copyright, content, and […]

Written by: Hugh Stephens