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First Principles There is strong and enduring connection between trade and a country’s tax law dealing with international connections of taxpayers and their income earning activities.  Most commonly, as in Canada’s case, this connection underlies domestic tax rules to reconcile overlapping tax claims of Canada and other countries by providing suitable credit for foreign taxes […]

Written by: Scott Wilkie

Caring About Others’ Tax Systems The Minister of Finance continues to explain Canada’s commitment to multilateral trade with competitiveness in view. Recent news releases by the Department of Finance reflect this. The Minister evidently is equally aware of the possible implications of tax changes, particularly in the United States, for Canadian taxation, no doubt with […]

Written by: Scott Wilkie

It may surprise some policy-makers to hear it, but the best way for government to use its financial resources to improve population health in a developed country is to spend more on social services rather than on health care. Models using data from the United States, Canada, and across the 36 countries of the Organization […]

Written by: Daniel J. Dutton and PG Forest

The $9.7 billion Sturgeon Refinery, owned by North West Redwater Partnership (NWRP), is now in the final stages of start-up. The Refinery has already been producing about 25,000 bpd of high quality diesel and 15,000 bpd of diluent from synthetic crude oil feedstocks for several months as work to complete the final heavy oil processing […]

Written by: Richard Masson

First Nation Governance and Well-Being   [This is a short excerpt from a book I am writing entitled The Wealth of First Nations.]   The Indian Act contains a simple template for band government, prescribing biennial election of a single chief plus two to twelve councillors, depending on the size of the First Nation.  However, […]

Written by: Thomas Flanagan