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On April 1, 2023, Canada’s carbon tax increased from $50 to $65 per tonne. And following months of protest by Atlantic Canada’s political leaders, the federal tax came into effect there on July 1. “It’s a bad thing. It will punish Nova Scotians unnecessarily,” said NS Premier Tim Houston. They will have “a known disproportionate […]

Written by: Trevor Tombe and Jennifer Winter

Now that the writ has dropped, with election day on May 29th quickly approaching, both parties have shared policies that suggest a vision for the agriculture sector. With limited days remaining, the Simpson Centre has released its final report titled “Agriculture Matters: An Overview of Party Visions” to provide recognition to the agricultural sector and […]

Written by: Shawn Wiskar

With Alberta’s provincial elections coming up on May 29th, it is important that we don’t lose sight of Albertans’ priorities in election dialogue. No matter which party wins the election and forms government, they will be tasked with designing policies for all Albertans. At the Simpson Centre, we set out to learn which policy issues […]

Written by: Amlika Nair and Shawn Wiskar

The federal government announced on April 20 how much it will cost Canadian taxpayers to get Volkswagen to build an electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant in Ontario. Ottawa will subsidize about 10 percent of the $700 million capital cost of the facility and will provide up to $130 million a year in production subsidies over […]

Written by: John Lester

On May 29, 2023, Albertans will go to the polls and cast a vote that reflects their vision for the future of Alberta. Politics are complicated, and determining which party or candidate to vote for can be challenging. While you’re sorting through campaign messages to decide who to vote for, This blog offers a historical […]

Written by: Shawn Wiskar and Amlika Nair