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Reducing methane emissions is seen as the most effective way to meet international climate commitments. Agriculture in Canada accounts for 30% of all methane emissions, with 70% originating from beef production. How is the industry meeting this challenge with innovative ways to reduce methane emissions? In this webinar, we’ll explore where the beef industry is […]

Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK) is a foundation for the co-evolution of sustainable approaches for planning and developing infrastructure across middle and northern Canada. Community-Based Environmental Monitoring (CBEM), if done properly, can be more effective in incorporating ILK than environmental impact and monitoring based only on Western science. It is very useful to identify the […]

Watch the Webinar  Fertilizer Futures and Frameworks – N20 Emissions Fertilizer use in crop production is a contentious topic with conflicting opinions and perspectives between government and industry reaching a boiling point this year, amidst increasing geopolitical and environmental pressures. The Simpson Centre’s Carbon Program aims to better quantify Canadian fertilizer emissions in the […]

Watch the Webinar  Regulating Small-Scale Mining: State Strategies and Coercion? Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), mostly lead by rural communities, poses a significant challenge to resource-dependent economies where resource control is fundamental for state coffers. ASM activities are under regulated by any state body, and they bring about serious environmental, health and labor problems. […]

Want to visit a dairy farm, but don’t have the time, money, or connections? We’ve brought the dairy farm to you with this virtual reality (VR) experience at the Calgary Central Library. You will even have the chance to meet a dairy farmer and one of the VR program developers in person! Wearing a VR […]

Watch the Webinar  Financial Market Regulatory Project: Alberta’s Entry into the Captive Insurance Market The Captive Insurance Companies Act, formerly Bill 76, was introduced by the government of Alberta in October 2021 and passed in December 2021. The Act enables entities to establish their own insurance company, called a captive insurer. Its primary purpose […]

Watch the Webinar  Frozen North, Food for All? Growing Food Security in Canada’s North Remote locations present a challenge to food systems, and they are highly dependent on infrastructures, such as roads and electricity, to ensure food remains safe and accessible. Extreme winter weather puts intense demands on northern Canadian communities’ food security and accessibility. […]

Watch the Webinar  Leadership in the Energy Transition Seven heavy industry sectors – steel, aluminum, concrete, chemicals, shipping, trucking, and aviation – key to economic growth comprise 30% of energy-related CO2 emissions. The technologies needed exist today, and The Mission Possible Partnership (MPP) have provided clarity on what must happen—quantifying the number of industrial […]

Click Here to View the Complete Course Guide Click Here to Learn About Your Instructors The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary invites you to register now for the Fundamentals of ESG Management. Once again, Canada’s #1 policy school is home to the executive certificate that leads in ESG. Environmental, social, and […]

Watch the Webinar  Agri-food Movers and Shakers: Urban Food Hubs and Food Policy Councils In this webinar, we’ll learn more about how cities, in all their shapes and forms, influence and impact food systems. The discussion will highlight important roles and groups within urban areas and communities across Canada, including the importance of Food […]

Watch the Webinar UCalgary Alumni All-Access – Russian Disinformation in Canada In February 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, sparking the largest military conflict in Europe since the end of the Second World War. Propaganda has long been a major aspect of war. How does the Russian propaganda machine work? What impact does disinformation have on the […]

Watch the Webinar Rapid Changes and Transformations: The Future of Canada’s Energy Transition Rapid changes and transformations: The future of Canada’s energy transition This event is brought to you in collaboration with the Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) 50th Anniversary Event Series, “What should be on Canada’s Policy Radar?” Countries around the world […]

The global transition to a low carbon future is imminent. Major trading partners like the U.S. are passing new legislation supporting decarbonization and technological innovation driving down the costs of low carbon energy. The result will reshape global energy markets and present both m­ajor challenges and exciting opportunities for Calgary. Our city has the resources, […]

Watch the Webinar Future Farms in Unfamiliar Places – Growing In: What can we learn from urban indoor agriculture? Growing In: What can we learn from urban indoor agriculture? Calgary is facing a push to find new uses for its downtown office buildings, and with stubbornly high vacancy rates, it has become a hot topic […]

Canadian Network on Information and Security (CANIS) offers a five-day course (PPOL 699.11) which provides an advanced introduction to security and mis/dis-information in the Canadian and global contexts. The course will focus on key issues and challenges related to mis/dis-information, provision of security, and the use of the information environment as an operational domain. Students […]

Watch the Webinar Collaborative Governance in Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities for the Extractive Industry Watch Now The extractive boom in Latin America emerged at the same time as a neoliberal governance framework. In theory, these policies aim to ensure the smooth functioning of market transactions. In practice, however, there is a significant disconnect between […]

Watch the Webinar Transcontinental Town Hall: Northern development in Australia and Canada Watch Now The School of Public Policy, in partnership with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) is delighted to invite you to the special event: ‘Transcontinental Town Hall: Northern development in Australia and Canada’. Lack of infrastructure, weather extremes, population density, and geopolitical […]