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Watch the Webinar The Future Global Agri-foods Market for Canadian Products: High Tech and High Demand Watch Now Canada’s agriculture and agri-foods export growth has been remarkable. Today, Canada’s major markets include India, China, and other countries in SE Asia, with large opportunities for future growth. Canada’s technical expertise has shone – higher crop yields, […]

Watch the Webinar Agri-Foods and Innovation Discussion: Technology and Twenty-first Century Canadian Farming Watch Now Canada’s agriculture and agri-foods industry is remarkable in the amount of technological change seen in the past 50 years. The average Canadian may not be aware of just how far Canadian agriculture has come, how high-tech it is in 2020, […]

Watch the Webinar Barriers and Benefits to Entrepreneurial Thinking in Government: Part Two Watch Now The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and The School of Public Policy are proud to invite you to a two-part online discussion on the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurial thinking in government. Part two of the series will examine […]

Watch the Webinar From Farm to Table: The Culinary Connection Watch Now Never has understanding where, exactly, our food comes from been as critical as it is now. Starting with farmers and producers, we will explore the food supply chain and how it affects local businesses who rely on it. Three well-known chefs will share […]

Watch the Webinar Barriers and Benefits to Entrepreneurial Thinking in Government: Part One Watch Now The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and The School of Public Policy are proud to invite you to a two-part online discussion on the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurial thinking in government. The first part of the event is […]

Watch the Webinar Beefing Up the Post-COVID Economy – Livestock as a Driver of Growth Watch Now Because of COVID we’ve all become very aware of supply chains – especially for food.  Some items are in short supply – some are more expensive.  Beef is one of those items.  The supply disruption has shown us […]

Watch the Webinar Grown Locally, Harvested Globally: The Role of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canadian Agriculture Watch Now 2019 marked a new record for the number of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) working in Canadian agriculture. Approximately 64,000 foreign workers arrived to work in a variety of agricultural industries, including seafood-packing plants in the Maritimes, orchards […]

Watch the Webinar Canadian Agri-food Export Opportunities in a Covid-19 World Watch Now COVID-19 has dealt an unprecedented shock to agri-food supply chains. It’s critical that policy solutions be found to help the sector rebound. Quite simply; there is no more important sector than food. Overseas, some domestic supply chains are struggling, creating opportunities for […]

Watch the Webinar Grains: Essential and Sustainable, Looking Forward Watch Now The Simpson Centre for Agricultural and Food Innovation and Public Education is launching a summer webinar series. This is the first, and we look forward to sharing more topics shortly. As policymakers focus on the prospect of empty grocery store shelves, they also view […]

Watch the Webinar Canadian Agriculture Roots: A Look Back at the Last 140 Years in Canada Watch Now Explore what it was like to live in the prairies in 1880 Canada. What did we grow, trade and store for the long winters and dry summers? What did agriculture look like at the time and how […]

Watch the Webinar Canada’s Beef Sector: Essential and Sustainable-Looking Forward Webinar with Nichole Neubauer, Jill Harvie, Bob Lowe Watch Now In 2017, the report from the Advisory Council on Economic Growth entitled “The Path to Prosperity” pinpointed initial focus areas that could help grow Canada’s economy in an exceptional way. Agriculture and agri-foods was at […]

Watch the Webinar Antibiotics in animals – improving Canada’s meat supply and exports – Webinar with Dr. Hoelzer Watch Now Antibiotic resistance is among the top 10 threats to global health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  So it’s no surprise that consumers and experts alike are lobbying for fewer antibiotics in farm animals. […]

Watch the Webinar Shrinking the Hoofprint of Canadian Beef: The Future of a Sustainable Industry – Webinar with Dr.Tim McAllister Watch Now Consumer preferences, climate change, competition within global markets, health and food safety threats, as well as the emergence of alternative protein sources, have threatened the sustainability of the Canadian beef industry. Benchmarking of […]

Watch the Webinar System approach for efficient policies: lessons learned from antimicrobial resistance and health management – Webinar with Dr.Lhermie Watch Now There is no simple and ready-to-use way for implementing successful health policies since it means considering several competing objectives such as public health, economic and societal dimensions. Creating an evidence-based health policy accounting […]

These webinars are free of charge, and will bring together decisions-makers from both government and industry from all over the world. You can choose which weekly lecture you would like to participate in throughout the 4 weeks, dependent on your interests. We do, however, recommend that you participate in the series in its entirety as […]

Watch the Webinar Canada’s Food Security During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Webinar with Dr. Holland Watch Now Sporadic food shortages and supply disruptions that Canadians experienced in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic could be worsened without substantial government support to the agriculture sector, a foundational part of the Canadian economy. Beef and pork […]

Watch the Webinar Economic diversification – model, myth or mischief? – Webinar with Trevor Tombe Watch Now We’ve heard it all before – for more than a generation now – Alberta needs to diversify its economy. We hear that most often during downturns. The thinking is that if we just attract business other than extractive […]

Watch the Webinar What Have We Learned so far about ETFs in the COVID-19 Crisis? – Webinar with Ryan Clements Watch Now Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are at the heart of the COVID-19 financial crisis. Over forty percent of the trading volume during the mid-March selloff was in ETFs (multiple times the percentage in January), making […]

Watch the Webinar Political Communications in the Face of a Pandemic- Webinar with Kristin Anderson, Dr. Pierre-Gerlier Forest and Morten Paulsen Watch Now The COVID-19 pandemic is a unique event for politicians and policy-makers. Join us on Tuesday, May 19 for a panel discussion exploring how the pandemic differs from other types of crisis, how […]