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Watch the Webinar Economic diversification – model, myth or mischief? – Webinar with Trevor Tombe Watch Now We’ve heard it all before – for more than a generation now – Alberta needs to diversify its economy. We hear that most often during downturns. The thinking is that if we just attract business other than extractive […]

Watch the Webinar What Have We Learned so far about ETFs in the COVID-19 Crisis? – Webinar with Ryan Clements Watch Now Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are at the heart of the COVID-19 financial crisis. Over forty percent of the trading volume during the mid-March selloff was in ETFs (multiple times the percentage in January), making […]

Watch the Webinar Political Communications in the Face of a Pandemic- Webinar with Kristin Anderson, Dr. Pierre-Gerlier Forest and Morten Paulsen Watch Now The COVID-19 pandemic is a unique event for politicians and policy-makers. Join us on Tuesday, May 19 for a panel discussion exploring how the pandemic differs from other types of crisis, how […]

Watch the Webinar Canada, China and Covid-19: Threat or Opportunity? – Webinar with Hugh Stephens and Margaret McCuaig- Johnston Watch Now Canada’s relations with China have been strained for some time – even before COVID. First came the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou. China then seemingly retaliated by arresting Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael […]

Watch the Webinar Leading Through Crisis – Lessons for COVID-19 Response and Recovery – Webinar with Marcia Nelson Watch Now The Government of Alberta, like governments around the world, has undertaken an unprecedented response to the COVID crisis. Next will come the recovery response. How can we get it right? The stakes have never been […]