Examples of Elective Courses

Examples of Elective Courses

The following is a list of graduate-level courses offered at the University of Calgary for which MPP students would typically have the necessary prerequisites. Selection of electives is subject to approval by the Academic Director.

Courses offered by the Department of Economics*

  • Economics 619, Economics of International Commercial Policy
  • Economics 621, International Trade
  • Economics 625, The Economics of the Petroleum Industry
  • Economics 627, Energy in the Production Sector of the Economy
  • Economics 635, Regulatory Economics
  • Economics 653, Public Revenue Analysis
  • Economics 655, Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Economics 667, Seminar in Industrial Organization
  • Economics 675, Advanced Topics in Natural Resource Economics
  • Economics 677, Seminar in Economics of the Environment
  • Economics 679, Health Economics I (this course is cross-listed as MDSC 679)
  • Economics 681, Health Economics II

* Many graduate courses offered by the Department of Economics will require prerequisites equivalent to the completion of an honours BA in economics.  The Academic Director of the MPP program may entertain exceptions to this requirement.

Courses offered by the Department of Political Science

  • Political Science 617: Advanced Political Theory
  • Political Science 619: War and Interpretation
  • Political Science 631: Parties Elections and Representation
  • Political Science 641: Selected Topics in Public Law
  • Political Science 651: Policy Studies
  • Political Science 653: Gender and Public Policy
  • Political Science 683: Advanced Studies in Foreign Policy
  • Political Science 685: Strategic Studies
  • Political Science 689: Unconventional Warfare

Courses offered by the Department of Sociology

  • Sociology 603, Seminar in Sociology of Health and Illness
  • Sociology 653, Seminar on Urban Sociology
  • Sociology 665, Seminar on Social Stratification and Inequality
  • Sociology 667, Seminar on Ethnic Relations
  • Sociology 671, Seminar on the Sociology of Families
  • Sociology 677, Seminar in Sociology of Gender Relations

Courses offered by the Faculty of Social Work

  • SOWK 632, Social Policy and Social Justice
  • SOWK 665, Policy
  • SOWK 679, Special Topics Seminar I (Interested students should contact the Faculty of Social Work for a list of topics to be examined)

Courses offered by the Faculty of Law

  • LAW 648, Securities Law
  • LAW 630, International Petroleum Transactions
  • LAW 624, Environmental Law and Ethics

Courses offered by the Faculty of Business

  • HROD 601, Managing Human Resources
  • HROD 691, Project Team Building and Interpersonal Skills
  • HROD 721, Advanced Leadership and Technical Skills
  • HROD745, Cross Cultural Leadership and Human Resources Management
  • SGMA 701, Strategic Management

Courses offered by the Department of Communication Culture

  • COMS 605: Organizational Communication
  • COMS 619: Communication Policy and Regulation
  • COMS623: Social and Economic Impacts of Communication and Information Technology
  • COMS 627: Mass Media and Democracy
  • COMS 641: International and Intercultural Communication

Courses offered by Faculty of Medicine: Department of Community Health Sciences

  • MDSC 679, Health Economics (cross-listed as Economics 679)
  • MDSC 659.06, Decision Analysis in Health Care Economics

Course offered by the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies

  • Military Procurement in Canada