Energy Markets and Regulation

Well-functioning energy markets and regulatory certainty underpin quality of life and energy security. Changes in government, the creation of new legislation, the alteration or cancellation of existing policy frameworks, market fluctuations, and shifts in scientific and social paradigms all influence policy priorities at every level of government. Accordingly, policy research has to evolve and adapt alongside these changes in order to remain relevant and to produce meaningful outcomes. This area of study provides ongoing analysis of energy markets — electricity, oil and gas, and new energy sources — and their regulation. In addition to this responsive and timely output, we undertake strategic long-term research on the evolution of Canada’s energy sectors.

Areas of focus include:

  • Electricity markets, energy transition and renewable energy sources
  • Net-zero energy systems
  • Oil and gas markets in transition
  • Liability management and asset retirement


Selected publications include:

Energy and Environmental Policy Trends: The Benefits of a (Tax) Holiday | Gregory Galay | June 2022

Energy and Environmental Policy Trends: Why Are Power Prices So Darn High? | Blake Shaffer, David Brown and Andrew Eckert | April 2022

Private risk and social resilience in liberalized electricity markets | Jacob Mays, Michael Craig, Lynne Kiesling, Joshua Macey, Blake Shaffer and Han Shu | February 2022

A Multiple Account Benefit-Cost Analysis of Coal Mining in Alberta | Jennifer Winter, Megan Bailey, Emily Galley, Chris Joseph and Blake Shaffer | November 2021

The Surface Owner’s Burden: Landowner Rights and Alberta’s Oil and Gas Well Liabilities Crisis | Victoria Goodday and Braeden Larson | May 2021