Emissions and Climate Policy

The work in this research area makes evidence-based policy recommendations on emissions management and mitigation, emissions pricing, carbon taxation, and emissions-intensive industries. By pairing this work with the analysis of provincial and federal climate policies, and the examination of non-Canadian jurisdictions, we assess the effectiveness of current policies and practices in meeting both economic and climate policy goals and points policy makers towards practical solutions and best practice.

This work is highly relevant in a policy environment increasingly concerned with delivering on climate change commitments, a significant component of which involves the reduction of emissions and the mitigation of their potential environmental impacts.

Areas of focus include:

  • Carbon pricing implements and mechanisms
  • Carbon taxation
  • Emissions policy and net-zero GHG emissions goals
  • National and comparative climate policy


Selected publications include:

Global liquefied natural gas expansion exceeds demand for coal-to-gas switching in Paris compliant pathways | Shuting Yang, Sara Hastings-Simon and Arvind P. Ravikumar | June 2022

Emissions Markets and International Trade | Jennifer Winter | May 2022

Make electric vehicles lighter to maximize climate and safety benefits | Blake Shaffer, Maximilian Auffhammer and Constantine Samaras | October 2021

Energy and Environmental Policy Trends: Canada’s GHG Emissions from Transportation and Electricity Sectors | Alaz Munzur | August 2021

Carbon Pricing in a Federal State: The Case of Canada | Jennifer Winter | Spring 2020