Energy Transitions

The goal of this research area is to lead and inform policy discussions of the relationship between energy, the environment, the economy, and social well-being in Canada. At the heart of this work is recognizing the interconnectedness and the need for balance between energy, environmental and socioeconomic goals. This area of study provides ongoing analysis and critiques of new and current energy and environmental policies supporting energy transitions and, in addition to this responsive and timely output, we undertake strategic long-term research on the evolution of Canada’s energy sectors.

Areas of focus include:

  • Energy transition and renewable energy sources
  • Net-zero energy systems
  • Energy and electricity markets
  • Oil and gas markets in transition
  • New energy sources


Selected publications include:

Global liquefied natural gas expansion exceeds demand for coal-to-gas switching in Paris compliant pathways | Shuting Yang, Sara Hastings-Simon and Arvind P. Ravikumar | June 2022

Energy and Environmental Policy Trends: The Accelerating Pace of Electric Vehicle Adoption | Sara Hastings-Simon | March 2022

The Role of Hydrogen in Canada’s Transition to Net-Zero Emissions | Chris Bataille, Jordan Neff and Blake Shaffer | November 2021

Alberta in Canada’s Net Zero Future: Seizing Opportunities While Adapting to Change | Chris Bataille, Sarah Dobson, Anna Kanduth and Jennifer Winter | June 2021


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