Social Policy and Health

The goal of our Social Policy and Health program is to improve the lives of Canadians by employing an objective, evidence-based approach to assessing existing and proposed public policies. Our goal is to identify practical solutions that cut through rhetoric designed to polarize debate and freeze policymakers into inaction. We apply this approach to programs in two policy areas:

Scientific Director, Social Policy and Health: Ronald Kneebone: [email protected]
Program Director, Health Policy: Jennifer Zwicker: [email protected]
Associate Director of Research, Health Policy: Myles Leslie: [email protected]

Research Associates, Social Policy:

Margarita Wilkins: [email protected]

Research Associates, Health Policy:

Ramesh Lamsal: [email protected]
Akram Khayatzadeh-Mahani: [email protected]
Shainur Premji: [email protected]

Postdoctoral Scholars:

Ali Jadidzadeh: [email protected]
Daniel Dutton:  [email protected]