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Watch the Webinar Craft Beer in Calgary: How the scene is brewing Watch Now Calgary has one of the highest concentrations of craft brewing operations in the country, but that wasn’t so a decade ago. Changes in policy and regulations have encouraged an explosion of new businesses and products on tap, and with our can-do, […]

Watch the Webinar Are farms driving our GHG emissions: Climate Policy for Canadian Farmers? Watch Now GHG emissions are an issue impacting every sector in Canada, including agriculture. But a farm feels the impacts of taxes and the challenges of measurement very differently than a city household does. Where do most of the emissions on […]

Watch the Webinar Soil Carbon Sequestration: What is it, and could it actually work? Watch Now You’ve heard the rumours – that we might be able to sequester carbon emissions in soil and thereby reduce our GHG emissions. It’s a big idea, one tossed around by scientists and politicians as a solution for emissions reduction […]

Watch the Webinar Interprovincial Trade: The real barrier to post-COVID recovery? Watch Now The post-COVID economic recovery is on the minds of many Canadians. What can our governments do to help restart the economy while not incurring further major debt? One action is to reduce interprovincial barriers to businesses – lowering costs and adding GDP. […]

Watch the Webinar Northern and Arctic Security and Sovereignty: Challenges and Opportunities for a Northern Corridor Watch Now A Canadian northern corridor would directly impact Canada’s northern and Arctic security and defence agenda. It will increase the presence of valuable infrastructure and could attract the attention of competitors in the Arctic. That means any planning […]

Watch the Webinar Blueberry River, Ermineskin and Grassy Mountain: Implications for Indigenous Rights and Resource Development Watch Now A handful of recent court decisions are once again reshaping how Indigenous rights impact resource development in Canada. These include the Blueberry River First Nation’s victory in its argument that the Government of BC had failed to […]

Watch the Webinar Policy and a Pint – How will Alberta fare post-COVID? Watch Now When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, governments and policy makers were forced to make drastic decisions and enact emergency measures designed to keep our populations safe and our healthcare system functioning. From “two weeks to flatten the curve” […]

Watch the Webinar Strengthening Canada’s Food System by Reducing Food Waste Watch Now Canada’s food supply chain is of vital importance to all Canadians. Recent research has shown that there is more than 40% wastage over that supply chain; that is a huge proportion of lost resources between the farm and our tables. Food supply […]

Watch the Webinar A House Divided: Results of the 2021 Federal Election Watch Now We don’t yet know what the outcome of the 2021 federal election will be, but we do know that there is no shortage of priorities that will define the next decade of Canadian politics. Polarization, economic recovery, foreign policy, climate and […]

Watch the Webinar What’s the Beef About Beef? Watch Now As consumers wander through the grocery store purchasing their food items, they are faced with thousands of decisions. Today, as the quality and choice of goods in our food stores continue to increase, so does the complexity of our choices. This webinar will engage a […]

Watch the Webinar Best For Who? Farming Best Management Practices Watch Now Alberta is a major agricultural producer, and with that comes various environmental impacts for our farmers to consider. They are adapting their practices to reduce these impacts while at the same time navigating current regulatory policies and programs – much the same as […]

Watch the Webinar Measuring Food’s Environmental Impacts – A Starting Point Watch Now Alberta is a big agriculture producer, and with that comes GHG emissions and other environmental impacts. Join us as we explore Alberta’s agriculture production and its accompanying GHG emissions, and then consider a global comparison. Learn more about how Alberta wheat and […]

Watch the Webinar Urban and Rural Farms: Marrying Sustainability and Efficiency Watch Now Alberta is a major agriculture producer, exporting more than half of what it produces. With that production comes GHG emissions – but where are they actually generated? As farmers continually adapt to emissions regulations, there are tradeoffs to be made between sustainability […]

Watch the Webinar Alberta’s Future: Pathways Forward for Energy and the Environment Watch Now There are multiple forces of change having a deep impact on the (largely Albertan) Canadian energy sector. There are also significant opportunities for Alberta in the shift towards net-zero as the province works toward achieving emissions reductions consistent with Canada’s international […]

Watch the Webinar Indigenous Businesses and Procurement: Transforming Industry Engagement Watch Now Procurement policies that promote Indigenous businesses have been an important part of the economic growth many Indigenous communities are currently experiencing. Mining, oil & gas, and infrastructure projects have led the way, spending billions of dollars on Indigenous procurement every year. This panel […]

APEC Co-Sponsors: Peru, Japan and Global Affairs Canada Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are important economic drivers in most countries, employing large shares of the workforce in developed and developing economies. Furthermore, there is evidence that SMEs promote diversity and inclusiveness, including the participation of women in the workforce and as entrepreneurs. What is the […]

Watch the Webinar Alberta Futures: New fiscal territory, anchors and addressing the debt Watch Now Alberta finds itself in new territory as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Rising debt levels, falling natural resource revenues, and structural changes to the economy due both to the pandemic and the imposition of environmental policies provincially, nationally and […]

Watch the Webinar Sustainable Ag Leads the Way: Economic Recovery for Alberta Watch Now Join us as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Simpson Centre for Agriculture and Food Innovation and Public Education with remarks from the leaders and founders of the Centre, followed by a panel discussion of how the agriculture industry can […]

Watch the Webinar Pipelines and Indigenous Peoples: From Opposition to Ownership Watch Now The building of pipelines has become a lightning rod issue in Canada, often centred around whether Indigenous peoples support them on or near their territories. While the media has mainly focused on groups that oppose pipelines, in the past ten years there […]

Watch the Webinar Carbon Credits Systems for Farmers – Value Added? Watch Now Alberta farmers and ranchers can make extra income by selling carbon credits – credits earned through changing their production practices. Who buys the credits, what changes have we made in Alberta ag practices through this policy, and are there more to come? […]