International Policy and Trade

In 2011, The School of Public Policy asked many of Canada’s leaders in business, government and academia what they wanted to see in a new program of international policy studies. The answers were clear and resounding: A program that was practical, not theoretical; one that provides focus on the economics of international policy, particularly issues related to trade and Canada’s ties to emerging markets.

The School of Public Policy took that data and launched an international policy program that reflects what we were told was needed: A pragmatic program, designed to create maximum benefit for Canada in terms of the expansion and security of our international relationships.

With this objective in mind, The School has three priority areas for its international policy work:

Scientific Director, International Policy and Trade, Associate Professor: Jean-Christophe Boucher:

Program Director, International Economics: Eugene Beaulieu:

Research Coordinator, International Policy and Trade: Ivana Skendrovic:

Data Analyst: Jenny Kim:

Research Assistant: Pantea Niksirat:

Research Assistant: Samruddhi Deshpande:

Research Assistant: Lauren Rutherglen:

Research Assistant: Henry Smith:

Research Assistant: Brooks DeCillia: