Industrial Policy and Innovation

This area of research is concerned with the need for innovation and diversification within Alberta’s and Canada’s energy industries. New challenges such as presented by climate change commitments, the need for diversification in the province’s economy, changes to demands for Canadian oil and gas, and production controls demand innovative approaches to maintaining efficiency and profitability in energy production. Through analysis of these challenges, the assessment of new opportunities, and the evaluation of existing policy supports for the creation and deployment of commercial solutions, researchers in this field aim to use their expertise and on-going research to support policy makers through the provision of high-quality data and analysis and by making recommendations from strong, evidence-based findings.

Areas of focus include:

  • Commercialization of innovation
  • Barriers to the deployment and diffusion of innovation


Selected publications include:

A Review of Barriers to Full-Scale Deployment of Emissions-Reduction Technologies | G. Kent Fellows, Victoria Goodday and Jennifer Winter | April 2021

Industrial Policy in Alberta: Lessons from AOSTRA and the Oil Sands | Sara Hastings-Simon | November 2019