Key Constitutional Issues Relevant to the Canadian Northern Corridor

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Key Constitutional Issues Relevant to the Canadian Northern Corridor

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The COVID supply chain crunch is just one more piece of evidence that Canada needs more transportation infrastructure.  The Canadian Northern Corridor would be a network of access connecting north and south, and three oceans.  The corridor is an attempt to overcome the challenge of complex regulatory approvals and decisions makers for each project – do them all at once. However, the corridor would face its own jurisdictional issues.  So, is the Canadian Constitution the solution to these? It provides a structure for multi-jurisdictional projects that could facilitate the development of the Corridor – but the Constitution also ensures that issues of Aboriginal jurisdiction must also be reckoned with.

Join legal expert Dwight Newman for a discussion on how the Canadian Constitution could facilitate the Canadian Northern Corridor, bearing in mind the obligations it presents.


  • Dwight Newman, QC, DPhil, Professor of Law & Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Rights in Constitutional and International Law, University of Saskatchewan


  • Marcia Nelson, Executive Fellow, The School of Public Policy and Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary