The creation of a research centre that will focus on agricultural development in Western Canada has been announced by the University of Calgary’s school of public policy. At the project’s unveiling on Friday, speakers said the Simpson Centre for Agricultural and Food Innovation and Public Education will work to facilitate the growth, success and sustainability of the agricultural sector. It […]

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Last weekend I participated in the “The Value of Alberta” conference in Calgary. While most of the focus was on options for Alberta’s autonomy, what was most striking were the off-session comments of the 700 attendees. Albertans are running out of patience after five bad economic years. Many told me about hardships: a friend recently […]

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The School of Public Policy has entered into a partnership with the Government of Alberta to offer paid internships to students enrolled in its Master of Public Policy program. The School anticipates placing five interns through this program in Spring of 2020, and ten interns each in Spring of 2021 and 2022. The University of […]

Last month’s federal election produced mixed results and a minority government. But Justin Trudeau is probably right when he says most voters supported a progressive agenda. Judging by enthusiastic NDP support and the Liberal promise of a $6-billion down payment over four years, that agenda could include a national pharmacare program. The government’s own advisory […]

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