Jasmine Brown

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Graduating Class: 2012

Current role and description of a typical work week: I work at the Institute of Health Economics as a Senior Manager of Stakeholder Relations and Policy.  My responsibilities include strategic policy analysis and development, stakeholder engagement and collaborative partnerships, and project and communications management. I oversee a team of staff in the planning, development and implementation of roundtables, workshops, and reports, with and for senior policy leaders, to establish policy recommendations to government on matters of identified priority.

How has your education at The School of Public Policy prepared you for your current job with the Institute? The Master of Public Policy program is both intense and practical. We studied theory in a variety of fields, analysed previously implemented policy measures, including their intentional and unintentional consequences, and applied it to current real-world policy problems. The practical training provided by The School was invaluable to the work I do every day.

What is the most surprising part of your job in the Institute of Health Economics? My diverse professional experience has allowed me the opportunity to both observe and participate in the public policy development process with an appreciation and comprehension of multiple interests and perspectives (industry, academic, political, governmental, etc.).  I am now sought out for counsel by a diverse range of stakeholders to provide strategic advice on policy development and communication, within my formal role with the Institute, but also in reflection of my experience and network.

What advice would you give to future graduating classes? In addition to The School’s strong reputation, the speaker series and networking opportunities helped me make the connections I needed to hit the ground running post-graduation. Take advantage of all of the opportunities presented through this program, and value your experiences at The School. The friendships and memories you will make are ones you will cherish and value for years to come.