Indigenous Policy Program

The goal of the Indigenous Policy Program at The School of Public Policy is to improve Canada’s capacity to develop meaningful and effective policies that address the aspirations and concerns of Indigenous People as well as contribute to the process of reconciliation.

The Indigenous Policy Program develops evidence-based policy options by engaging in research and outreach covering an array of policy areas, such as health, education, self-governance, and natural resource development. A core component of the program’s output comprises influential and widely disseminated research papers.

A multidisciplinary team of highly qualified people, with expertise in community-based research, public administration, and economic and social policy manages the program’s ongoing research portfolio and associated activities. Our team draws on the knowledge of Indigenous communities, academics and policy professionals as well as leaders in the corporate sector and government. The School has convened a stakeholder advisory committee, with representation from each of these groups, to guide the broad direction of the Indigenous Policy Program. Most importantly, we directly engage and partner with Indigenous communities from across Canada to identify and find answers to policy questions relevant to Indigenous Peoples.

For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Jennifer Winter, PhD, Assistant Professor and Scientific Director