Alberta Government


Last week’s provincial budget prioritized civil society as a critical partner to improve well-being for Albertans. A Premier’s Charities Council is being proposed “to advise government on how best to assist the efforts of civil society groups in helping to make Alberta a more compassionate society, preventing and reducing increased social problems.” But what exactly […]

In common with all developed nations and jurisdictions around the globe, Alberta continues to experience a growing issue with cancer as its population grows and ages. The number of new cancer cases in the province in anticipated to grow from 18,000 in 2017 (Canadian Cancer Society Statustics) to 27,000 by 2030 (Alberta Cancer Plan 2013-2030). […]

Premier Alison Redford just resigned under extreme pressure from her caucus and the PC party organization. More is involved than just lack of political skill. After 43 years without creative alternation of government, Alberta has developed layer upon layer of hard-to-defend perks for people in government and the senior civil service. Why does Alberta need […]