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It almost seems overly redundant to have to say that there is an international need to bend the curve on the rapidly rising cost of health care. Many jurisdictions, organizations, institutions and professional organizations have worked, written and commented extensively on the issue in the past 25 years. Uncountable working hours and careers have been […]

The health of a city and the health of its residents are inextricably linked. As Canada continues to urbanize — with nearly two-thirds of us living in cities — there is dramatic association between urban sprawl and chronic diseases such as obesity. As the Ontario College of Family Physicians says: “Sprawl impacts negatively on well-being […]

On February 5th, Alberta Health Services President and CEO Vickie Kaminski announced that AHS would be implementing cost reductions.* Small wonder. Spending on health care in Alberta is very high and is increasing quickly. In this note I want to show this and then talk about the implications. The graph below uses data from the […]