It’s September, it’s Canada, and that means winter is coming. And in Canada’s North, that means winter road season. The Northwest Territories (NWT), with an area of 1.3 million square km, has only 2,200 km of all-season highways, augmented by 1,435 km of public winter roads. Only 19 of 33 communities have year-round road access, […]

In stark contrast to the level of respect shown to the third order of government in general and the City of Toronto in particular by the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada has renewed its commitment to funding local infrastructure. In response to continuing concerns regarding the local infrastructure deficit in many municipalities and […]

Canada in 2016 faces new and uniquely modern challenges. At the same time, our prosperity largely depends on our nineteenth and twentieth century accomplishments. Canada was built by visionaries who were able to overcome massive geographic and topographic challenges to create a great trading country, bound together and made successful by infrastructure projects like the […]