What do we know about the Ukraine? It is about the size of Saskatchewan with a population of 46 million; about 25% more than Canada’s. It is bordered by Russia on the north and east with Crimea and the Black Sea to the south. The eastern Crimea port city of Kerch has a 25 minute/4km […]

“Foreign takeover limits are scaring away investors!” Headlines like this one flooded in after a speech given by Mr. Jim Prentice, the CIBC vice chair and former federal Industry Minister, in early October. In that speech, Mr. Prentice particularly singled out the government’s decision to limit investment by state-owned enterprises in the oil sands following […]

  Two headlines on the New York Times website on May 1, 2013 illustrate the complexity of the situation in Syria and why the Harper government’s ‘Do Nothing’ policy is the wisest at this time: “Obama Considers Expanding Support for Syrian Rebels”, and “Leader of Hezbollah Warns It Is Ready to Come to Syria’s Aid.” […]

The Boston Marathon massacre on April 15, 2013 was horrifying. We saw countless scenes of wounded marathoners and their families and friends caught in the blasts, as well as the image of young Martin Richard, the eight year-old victim of this murderous act who was near the finish line to celebrate his dad completing the […]