Our Focus

Under the leadership of Pierre-Gerlier Forest, The School of Public Policy provides a practical, global and focused perspective on public policy analysis and practice in three focus areas:

    • Economic & Social Policy
    • Energy & Environmental Policy
    • International Policy

We have created a framework of programs within each of these areas that allows us to address specific policy issues confronting business and government.

Economic & Social Policy

The goal of our Economic & Social Policy program is to improve the lives of Canadians by employing an objective, evidence-based approach to assessing existing and proposed public policies. Our goal is to identify practical solutions that cut through rhetoric designed to polarize debate and freeze policymakers into inaction. We apply this approach to programs in six separate policy areas:

  • Tax and Economic Growth
  • Social Policy
  • Health Policy
  • Financial Markets Regulation
  • Urban Policy
  • Policies for the Digital Economy

Energy & Environmental Policy

The Energy and Environmental Policy Area produces diverse research and event outputs relating to domestic and international energy and environmental policy issues.

An underlying goal is to balance environmental concerns against economic growth and energy use, recognizing that energy is a key driver of the Canadian economy and other economies around the world. We achieve this goal through research in six unique research programs:

• Best Practices in Indigenous Consultation and Engagement

• Canadian Network for Energy Policy Research and Analysis

• Energy for Life

• Energy Policy and Regulatory Frameworks

• Extractive Resource Governance

• National Infrastructure and Market Access

International Policy

The School of Public Policy’s International Policy program has two main objectives. First, is to correctly and deeply understand the policies of other nations and transnational organizations. Second, is to understand how best to project Canadian influence overseas.

The School’s International Policy program focuses on four policy areas:

  • Market Diversification
  • Security & Defence
  • International Trade & Economics