Energy And Environmental Policy

The Energy and Environmental Policy Research Division conducts high quality and interdisciplinary research on energy and environmental policy issues, supporting improved decision-making and better outcomes for the environment and society. Our expert team is active in both the academic and policy space, leading to outputs that translate leading academic research into practical and actionable policy solutions. New faculty hires and legacy talent contribute to a stream of publications that position the School of Public Policy as an authoritative voice on topics ranging from carbon pricing, hydrogen, and coal mining in Alberta, to pipeline, electricity market, gas pump, and oil pricing issues.

The current research foci are emissions and climate policy, industrial policy and innovation, electricity markets, the energy transition, and emergent issues such as energy poverty.

We partner with a variety of organizations to co-create rigorous and relevant public policy knowledge. If you are interested in discussing potential partnerships, please reach out.


Our Research Areas


Our People



Megan Bailey, PhD, Assistant Professor
Expertise: climate change policy, innovation, electricity markets

Kent Fellows, PhD, Assistant Professor
Expertise: competition policy, regulatory economics, energy economics, regional and transportation economics

Sara Hastings-Simon, PhD, Assistant Professor
Expertise: energy transitions, innovation, climate policy, electricity systems, carbon pricing

Blake Shaffer, PhD, Assistant Professor
Expertise: electricity markets, climate policy, energy transitions

Jennifer Winter, PhD, Associate Professor
Expertise: emissions pricing, climate policy, competitiveness and climate policy, energy transitions, benefit-cost analysis


Postdoctoral Scholars

Katharina Koch, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
Expertise: Arctic geopolitics and security, digital inequalities and (im)mobility, governance, Canadian and Arctic security

Research Administrators

Kimberly Markvoort, BSc, MSc (candidate), Program Coordinator, Canadian Northern Corridor Research Program