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The war grinds on. Every day we see distressing, tragic coverage of the brutal destruction wrought by Russian forces as they try to crush Ukraine’s resistance. How and when it will end is not evident at this point. The invasion is about territory, forms of governance, national ambitions, history and culture. Russia under Putin refuses […]

Written by: Hugh Stephens

Jennifer Winter Testimony to House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap for the Oil and Gas Sector To watch the video of Dr. Winter’s statement: Click Here. FEBRUARY 28, 2022 Good afternoon. Thank you for inviting me to appear before the Committee on this very important issue. It […]

Written by: Jennifer Winter

The announcement on January 9, 2022, that Canada and Taiwan have agreed to launch exploratory discussions toward conclusion of a Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA) has been a long time coming–and is very timely. It may constitute a down-payment on an Indo-Pacific Strategy that is reportedly under preparation in Ottawa. Discussion of a possible FIPA […]

Written by: Hugh Stephens

China surprised many in the trade policy world last September by formally applying for membership in the 11 country “Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership” (CPTPP), the trade agreement that rose like a phoenix from the ashes of the 12 country Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). There is no guarantee that the current members will agree to negotiate […]

Written by: Hugh Stephens

Simpson Centre New Growth: Reviews of Current Ag Policy Research and Articles Source: Simpson Centre for Food and Agricultural Policy Summary: A new website was recently launched by the Simpson Centre, produced through the two-year Carbon Program, a major program of study focused on agriculture-based greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of developing policies to […]

Written by: Karen Spencer