As the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the deficiencies in income support systems in Canada, calls have been amplified for a Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) to provide more comprehensive, ideally universal, protection for household incomes.  Some called for permanent implementation of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) but, popular as the CERB was, it has recognized design […]

Simpson Centre New Growth: Reviews of Current Ag Policy Research and Articles Source: Science Summary:    A recent post from the website “Epicurious” outlined their stand on beef, specifically choosing to exclude any new beef recipes on their website due to the relatively high greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per kilo compared to plant protein sources, […]

Simpson Centre New Growth Reviews of Current Ag Policy Research and Articles Source: Business Strategy and Development Summary: This paper utilizes a systematic literature review approach to examine the use of Circular Economy (CE) principles in Agri-Food Supply Chains (AFSC) and highlight the key barriers (i.e., institutional, financial, and technological risks) and drivers (i.e., environmental, […]

Simpson Centre New Growth: Reviews of Current Ag Policy Research and Articles Source: The Lancet Summary: We review two articles in our blog. First, a recent research article discusses three new agricultural laws introduced in India in September, 2020. The author explores the source of prolonged farmer protests that have continued since last year. As […]

Now is a prime opportunity to start thinking about where Canada goes from here. It seems like there is a light at the end of the covid tunnel with vaccination rates climbing and the lifting of restrictions in some areas. Of course maybe it is just the spring blossoms starting to emerge. Certainly it will […]

A new research article discusses the development in recent years of global regulations around gene editing and genetically modified organisms or “GMOs”. There has been a considerable shift in the landscape of agricultural biotechnology products, and this paper delves into how gene edited crops fit into existing regulatory frameworks, and how various countries are evolving […]

A new research article discusses a new global food emissions database, estimating GHG emissions from, production to consumption and end-of-life waste disposal, including land-use change, processing, packaging, transportation and waste management. In 2015, global food-system emissions amounted to 34% of total manmade GHG emissions, with over 70% of this coming from agriculture and land use/land-use […]

Alberta’s coal-fired political conflagration has revealed a broad and deep anti-coal animus. Polling tells us that about 70 percent of Albertans oppose the Kenney government’s efforts to increase coal mining in the eastern slopes. Contributing to this alliance are those who dislike oil and gas as much as coal. More interesting are those who want […]