Canada’s Beef Sector: Essential and Sustainable – Looking Forward

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Canada’s Beef Sector: Essential and Sustainable-Looking Forward Webinar with Nichole Neubauer, Jill Harvie, Bob Lowe

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In 2017, the report from the Advisory Council on Economic Growth entitled “The Path to Prosperity” pinpointed initial focus areas that could help grow Canada’s economy in an exceptional way. Agriculture and agri-foods was at the top of this list. Canada currently exports 40% of its beef production, and the international market will continue to grow rapidly as countries like China have a large and growing wealthy middle class with more discretionary dollars to spend. Layered into this is the immediate need for Canada to kick-start its economy into recovery and growth mode, post-Covid-19.

In March, 2020 the agriculture and agri-food sector was deemed essential. This session discusses why, as the beef industry prepares to be a strong part of Canada’s economic recovery, it has more to offer than just economic positives: it is focused on sustainability as well, and can help the world manage its GHG emissions while meeting global market demand for beef.

Please join us for this one hour panel discussion.