Data That Makes A Difference: Who to House in Housing First

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12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. MT

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Data That Makes A Difference: Who to House in Housing First

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The Pathways Housing First model was introduced to provide access to housing for chronically homeless individuals with psychiatric disabilities and/or substance use disorders. A “drift” toward serving a broader population has characterized many programs with the result that the evidence gleaned from the success of the Pathways model is increasingly strained when used to suggest similar rates of success can be expected for these more broadly defined programs.

In this presentation we describe the characteristics of clients who experience success in a large Housing First program implemented in a non-experimental setting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We discuss the implications of these success rates for the size of cost-savings to the justice and health care systems and for meeting targets for reducing chronic homelessness.

• Dr. Ron Kneebone, Director, Social Policy and Health Program, The School of Public Policy
• Moderated by Matt Nomura, Vice President, Homeless-Serving System of Care, Calgary Homeless Foundation

There is no cost to register. The webinar will be hosted via Zoom. Please share this with those who might be interested.

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