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“Foreign takeover limits are scaring away investors!” Headlines like this one flooded in after a speech given by Mr. Jim Prentice, the CIBC vice chair and former federal Industry Minister, in early October. In that speech, Mr. Prentice particularly singled out the government’s decision to limit investment by state-owned enterprises in the oil sands following […]

Earlier this month, the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice sounded yet another warning about "access to justice” – how high costs and complexity are shutting most Canadians out of the justice system.  Their report followed on the heels of August’s annual meeting of the Canadian Bar Association, organized around the issue of access to justice, […]

How does one evaluate the health of an economy?  A simple, easily measured and, we would argue, reasonably comprehensive measure of success is the proportion of a community’s working age population that is employed.  The employment ratio measures the fraction of those of working age (aged 15-64 years) who have found employment and so are […]

American opponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline are understandably concerned about global warming. They think that if they stop the pipeline, they will stop the oilsands, and thereby reduce the growth of CO2 emissions. Their intentions are good, but their reasoning is wrong. This oil can and will get to foreign markets, without going through […]

When the Charter of Quebec Values was leaked to the news media this summer, the federal government was criticized for not attacking it. But, in fact, Ottawa’s cautious response was much wiser than vociferous criticism. The facts show why. At this stage, the charter is just a draft released for public consultation; we don’t know […]