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With the Keystone XL debate heating up in the United States, many opponents focus on the greenhouse gas emissions record of oil sands production. Even though Alberta oil sands emissions are 7 per cent of Canadian greenhouse gas emissions and only a miniscule part (0.15 per cent) of worldwide emissions, Keystone XL has become the […]

Managers of federal programs are required to evaluate their programs once every five years. Evaluation results are made public and include an action plan for dealing with any problems identified. Programs found to be inconsistent with government priorities or ineffective in achieving program goals would become candidates for cutbacks as part of the federal government’s […]

Colleagues at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy have recently published two detailed studies on energy literacy in Canada – amongst both the general public, and Canadian business leaders and policy “elites”. The results are disappointing: the studies paint a picture of citizens who are misinformed (or uninformed) about how energy is produced, […]

It is budget season again and that means it is time for the media and politicians to express outrage about just about everything in just about every government budget.  In my experience these outrages are usually the result of a failure to properly understand some very basic measurement issues.  A good example of this involves […]

It’s budget season once again and governments wanting to narrow budget deficits should not forget about the billions of dollars in spending programs that are delivered through the tax system. Not all of these tax-based spending programs provide value for money. For example, the federal and almost all provincial governments provide inducements to Hollywood film […]