On April 6th, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan fulfilled the Prime Minister’s commitment to launch a public consultation process that will lead to a comprehensive review of Canada’s defence policy to be released in early 2017. People in the defence policy community are quite interested in this milestone because Canada does not review its policies in […]

The international tax world – governments, taxpayers, advisers and various influential observers including non-governmental organizations – have been engaged in a systematic review of international tax rules, practice, policy and behavior since late 2012 and, most forcefully, early 2013.[1] The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”) and the G-20 nations, not all of which […]

It’s income tax season and a good time to wonder if the so-called ‘Panama Papers’ scandal will prove to be as significant as the WikiLeaks episode; the latter infamously revealed secret diplomatic cables and inner-workings of governments, while the former exposed an international network of possible tax cheats and corruption. I do believe that the […]

By: Brian Livingston A key decision is looming for the federal government in the next few weeks.  The feds have said many times that the environment and the economy both matter, and that one does not have to choose one to the exclusion of the other.  The upcoming decision as to whether to approve or […]

A prominent and perhaps defining issue in the federal election was the Liberal promise to run deficits of about $10 billion for three years to invest in infrastructure and spur tepid economic growth across the nation.  The Conservative government, running on a promise of modest budget surpluses for the foreseeable future, characterized the Liberal plan […]

The health of a city and the health of its residents are inextricably linked. As Canada continues to urbanize — with nearly two-thirds of us living in cities — there is dramatic association between urban sprawl and chronic diseases such as obesity. As the Ontario College of Family Physicians says: “Sprawl impacts negatively on well-being […]

Although no one would ever mistake me for a Liberal, I’m in favour of Justin Trudeau’s proposal to legalize the possession and sale of marijuana. I follow the lead of distinguished libertarian-conservative thinkers such as Milton Friedman and Michael Walker, who have argued that the state has no business penalizing people for their preference in […]

Modern concerns about poverty and income redistribution often involve proposals for a Basic Income or a Guaranteed Annual Income.  A Basic Income (BI) would provide a specific benefit amount to every citizen which is subject to tax.  It has garnered considerable international support through the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).  The Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) […]