The health of a city and the health of its residents are inextricably linked. As Canada continues to urbanize — with nearly two-thirds of us living in cities — there is dramatic association between urban sprawl and chronic diseases such as obesity. As the Ontario College of Family Physicians says: “Sprawl impacts negatively on well-being […]

Although no one would ever mistake me for a Liberal, I’m in favour of Justin Trudeau’s proposal to legalize the possession and sale of marijuana. I follow the lead of distinguished libertarian-conservative thinkers such as Milton Friedman and Michael Walker, who have argued that the state has no business penalizing people for their preference in […]

Modern concerns about poverty and income redistribution often involve proposals for a Basic Income or a Guaranteed Annual Income.  A Basic Income (BI) would provide a specific benefit amount to every citizen which is subject to tax.  It has garnered considerable international support through the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).  The Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) […]

Originally, hybrid cars were marketed primarily to environmentally-conscious consumers. Manufacturers and their marketing departments expected these consumers, who have a stated preference for reduced hydrocarbon emissions and increased environmental protection, to pay a premium for increased fuel economy and lower emissions. Increasingly, hybrid cars are being marketed to a wider consumer base citing increased fuel […]

In the aftermath of the Lac-Mégantic disaster, there were several newspaper articles and op-eds discussing the relative safety of transporting crude by rail versus via pipelines. For examples, see this article on the risk of tightened rail regulations, this one on the acceptability of rail, one on the future of oil by rail, and one […]

During BC’s election campaign, Adrian Dix, Leader of the BC NDP, announced opposition to the expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline. Mr. Dix has been quoted in the media as saying “We do not expect Vancouver to become a major oil export port as appears to be suggested in what Kinder Morgan is proposing.” […]