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This month, the Transportation Safety Board confirmed that more than one million liters of oil were spilled when an eastbound oil train tipped onto a ranch near St. Lazare, Manitoba in mid-February. It is frequently argued in Alberta that if Canadians don’t want oil trains tipping into their streams and reservoirs, they should probably start […]

A one-year delay on a pipeline touted as a sure thing means Alberta’s struggling oil and gas sector will need more trains to get product to market and continued production cuts, one economist says. On Friday, Enbridge announced its Line 3 pipeline replacement project is being pushed back a year. The long-awaited upgrade to aging […]

Regardless of whether it is the “occupy” movement, concerns about the wealth and influence of the richest one per cent, or the recent populist attacks on economic institutions in North America and Europe, it is increasingly apparent that we need to do a far better job of addressing persistent poverty. The challenge is how to […]

Despite a “dizzying array of social services” available in Calgary and other cities across the country, people who need help often don’t know where or how to access those supports, a new report from the School of Public Policy indicates. Written by School of Public Policy fellow Alina Turner and Diana Krecsy, the president and […]

Trevor Tombe is an associate professor of economics at the University of Calgary, and a research fellow at the School of Public Policy. Financial transfers from Ottawa – and the provinces’ disputes over them – are central to the Canadian experience. They are a key reason why our country exists at all, but also a […]