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Canada is a trading country, or so we tell ourselves. We embrace international trade, no doubt, and are expanding opportunities abroad with comprehensive deals such as CETA and TPP. But we have real difficulty trading with ourselves. We always have. At Confederation, well over 90 per cent of provincial trade was with other countries rather […]

Many Albertans have long complained that Canada’s equalization system isn’t there for them when their province goes through an economic bust. But a University of Calgary economist says calls for reform should be focused, instead, on a lesser known federal program of wealth distribution. “What Albertans should really complain about is the fiscal stabilization program, […]

As if Premier Jason Kenney does not already face enough budget challenges, we now learn that the Alberta government — and by extension, Alberta taxpayers — are on the hook for paying millions of dollars a month for a refinery that is not even operating. North West Sturgeon refinery’s recent website update stated there continue […]

OTTAWA — The notion of a pan-Canadian corridor dedicated to rail, power lines and pipelines has been around for at least half a century but it looks like it’s about to get a big publicity boost. Last week, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer used a major pre-election policy speech to dust off a similar idea. Scheer […]

An economics professor at the University of Calgary says the combination of high gas prices and government rebate are set to trigger an explosion in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on B.C. roads. “It’s the perfect storm in British Columbia right now,” said Blake Shaffer. “You’ve got very high fuel prices — $1.70 at […]

We are in the midst of a pivotal social and economic transformation; whether we know it or not, humanity — Alberta inclusive — has entered the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Advancements in computing, particularly the proliferation of machine learning within the Artificial Intelligence domain, are credited as heralds for this shift in […]

This month, the Transportation Safety Board confirmed that more than one million liters of oil were spilled when an eastbound oil train tipped onto a ranch near St. Lazare, Manitoba in mid-February. It is frequently argued in Alberta that if Canadians don’t want oil trains tipping into their streams and reservoirs, they should probably start […]