Jack Mintz challenges recent comments from world’s most famous investor In his latest Financial Post column, Jack Mintz impugns Warren Buffett’s claim that the U.S. government should hike income tax rates on the rich in order to solve its financial troubles. Mintz argues that the real problem in the U.S. is that economic growth is […]

Fiscal crises must be fixed the hard way The recent U.S. credit downgrade has left many people wondering if and how the U.S. will climb out of its severe debt troubles. Jack Mintz examines some of the possible scenarios in his latest Financial Post column. He finds that given the political jostling between Democrats and […]

World’s largest economy requires spending cuts and tax reforms to avert debt crisis Today, Professor Jack Mintz held a news conference where he presented the findings of a study authored by Stephen Richardson that examines the United States’ debt problems. The main conclusion is that the U.S will need drastic fiscal and tax policy reforms […]

Jack Mintz argues that market forces should determine Canadian energy supply In his latest Financial Post column, Professor Jack Mintz questions the likelihood of Canada developing a National Energy Strategy. Looking at the conflict created by the United States’ efforts to form a debt-relief strategy, as well as the Ontario government’s electricity plan, Mintz finds […]

Global debt problems cause Jack Mintz to argue for risk-management planning Europe already faces debt crises in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, while major question marks surround Belgium and Italy. Dark clouds have also descended upon the U.S. financial system. Jack Mintz examines these debt problems in his latest Financial Post article. Mintz argues that […]

Merger would make economy more competitive An upcoming vote by TMX and LSE shareholders could have far-reaching impacts for Canada’s economy. In his latest Financial Post column, Jack Mintz outlines the different scenarios that could play out following the June 30 ballot. Mintz argues that either a TMX-LSE merger or an acquisition by Maple Group […]

Economic spillovers should determine fiscal support for R&D, exploration Jack Mintz examines Canada’s fiscal treatment of intangible capital spending in his latest Financial Post column. Current incentives for R&D and exploration vary industry to industry and province by province. Mintz calls for an end to this mishmash by revamping the system so that fiscal support for […]