A paper released today by The School of Public Policy finds that the Federal Government’s most recent attempt to solve Canada’s dearth of business innovation errs on several fronts. Professor Jeffrey MacIntosh examines the findings and recommendations presented this past fall in the Jenkins Report – which assessed federal and provincial support for research […]

The School of Public Policy Releases Two Papers that Prove the Benefits of Privatization Today, The School of Public Policy released two papers that contain intensive and deep reviews of the history, costs and benefits of the privatization of government owned corporations. One paper, authored by John Nellis, examines privatization from an international perspective; the […]

New study proposes using power of incentives to help keep people off of Calgary’s streets In a paper released today by The School of Public Policy, Professor Brendan O’Flaherty offers a straightforward method for fighting homelessness that contrasts many current programs already in place to deal with this important social issue. “If you want people […]

Study finds provincial government spends far more on employees than rest of Canada In a paper released today by The School of Public Policy, authors Ken Boessenkool and Ben Eisen compare public sector wages across Canada and find a major gap between Alberta and other provinces. “Overall, the public sector wage bill in Alberta has […]

New paper quantifies massive benefits to GDP, job growth and government revenue of creating more pipeline capacity for Canadian oil The current Keystone XL pipeline stalemate has been an impetus for discussion of what Canada could gain from oil market diversification. Yet the complete economic benefits of additional pipelines for Alberta crude have not been […]

Study compares support for disabled across three provinces In a recent study published by The School of Public Policy, Professor Ron Kneebone reveals a disparity between the support provided by BC, Alberta and Ontario to disabled residents. Kneebone shows that as a result of recent increases to payments to people with disabilities, Alberta provides an […]

Decision may cost province 100,000 jobs, billions in taxpayer dollars With voters in BC’s recent HST referendum deciding to scrap the value-added tax, Jack Mintz outlines what that outcome could mean for the province moving forward. In his latest Financial Post column, Mintz says that killing the HST could cost the province 100,000 jobs, a […]

Jack Mintz argues politicians should stop looking for “magic bullets that don’t exist” Policy makers in the U.S. are scrambling to solve the country’s economic woes. A low-cost policy that generates lots of jobs and boosts growth could be their saving grace. But this policy is not cuts to payroll taxes, Jack Mintz writes in […]

Jack Mintz challenges recent comments from world’s most famous investor In his latest Financial Post column, Jack Mintz impugns Warren Buffett’s claim that the U.S. government should hike income tax rates on the rich in order to solve its financial troubles. Mintz argues that the real problem in the U.S. is that economic growth is […]