Our mission is to provide policy and regulatory analysis, and capacity development through education and training to assist jurisdictions with newly discovered resources or evolving extractive resource policy and/or regulation in establishing sustainable and beneficial extractive resource governance policies.

The ERGP focuses on three core areas that are critical to the establishment of sound and sustainable extractive governance frameworks:

Policies involving the collection, management and disbursement of resource revenue. This includes evaluations of tax and royalty systems and how they impact the general public through the financing of infrastructure, public services, employment, etc.
Policies related to the impact of government on business operations. Attention is directed toward ensuring a transparent, predictable and efficient regulatory and legal system for industry to operate while limiting environmental and social footprints
Policies involving the relationships between industry and communities. Emphasis is placed on ensuring benefits of resource projects are localized through employment and infrastructure gains and that industry operates in a manner that respects cultural institutions.
This certificate program is in development